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A Podcast on Self-transcendence
and Self-Actualization

Founded in 2018 by vocal talent, Christopher Kinley, Actualization Station is a podcast dedicated to revealing both ancient and modern techniques to aid aspiring individuals interested in the process of self-realization.

As Victor Frankl once said, “self-actualization is only possible as a side-effect of self-transcendence.”  Thus, here at Actualization Station, we focus on achieving our highest reason for being through both ancient and modern self-realization techniques.

The key to the highest, level of self-actualization, self-transcendence is the realization of a human potential so powerful it overflows beyond the self and out into the wider world. 

Examples of Self-Transcendent individuals include Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, among other notable figures, whose achievements transcend self-interest to such a degree that they positively impact the wider world.

The acclaimed psychologist, Abraham Maslow, placed self-transcendence at the very peak of his Hierarchy of Needs model, but only shortly before his death after a heart-attack that in which he faced his own demise.

Maslow came out of his near-death experience into what he termed a “high-plateau”, which as he describes it was akin to a prolonged peak-experience; a continuous state of bliss and peace that persisted until the end of his life.

By placing self-transcendence as the highest human need and potential, Maslow recognized it as an even more integral motivation than self-actualization for personal accomplishment’s sake.

We aim for achievements such as increased duration and occurrence of experiences such as Flow State, which is to be “in the pocket”, or “the zone”.  To achieve this end, we provide Guided Meditations, psychological insights, philosophy and poetry, music, and deep dives into the greatest mysteries of life.

Let us move forward with the hope that as we realize our highest visions of life and find that deep abiding Truth, that encapsulation of our Highest Reasons and our Hidden Talents, we may positively impact the world around us, for those today, and those yet to come.

Truly, our world is hungry for hope and needs more leaders.

At Actualization Station, we aim to be that change we wish to see in the world. We take responsibility for the realization of our highest potential, but not through some dull grind.

Instead, we recover that sense of awe for all that encompasses life, that natural sense of wonder that deepens life’s sense of meaning.

With the understanding that our potential is infinite, and the realization that there is no cap to enlightenment, we will take a fresh look at life, and delve deep to uncover its greatest secrets.

For the rising tide lifts all boats. Our self-realization is also the world’s. With a self-transcendent / realization-driven process of actualization, we reach for the highest potential of humankind, cognizant of the times we are in.

From Deep Dives into Life’s Greatest Mysteries, to Inquiring Conversations, to Poetry Nights and Guided Meditations.  Actualization Station is here to provide you with regular streams of insights to help you realize your highest vision of life.

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