Ep. 17 – A Worthy Prayer

Next Lvl: The path is getting narrow as we come nearer to this peak, this apex/locus of potentials, both majestic and bleak. Will we continue on, after we make this summit, will we take our voices and our hearts with us as we ascend, and rather than fall to one or the other side, could we rise together, transcend that pattern that has pit us against each other, and ourselves for so long?

I wonder, and I am full of hope, but I’m not sure that I am hopeful, only that I don’t feel so alone anymore. Yet, the mission remains: to reintegrate, inspire, uplift, empower, and sustain only that which so obviously smacks of wisdom it transforms you, and you are changed. There are times that face us, when a great leap is called for: and we are almost beckoned to by some miracle, arise anew, reborn, reintegrated, and able to earn a way to ascend the next peak, and today we are more connected than ever.

If ever there was a time, if ever there was a way, that way is here, and that time is Now!

What if we began to work in concert like some mass, great orchestra yet we are also all conductors, each with our unique element to share, to tackle the greatest problems our planet and humanity faces? What if? We got nothing to lose. It’s just an idea.

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