Ep. 18 – The Flow of Life & Introducing Actuali podcast!

Hey everybody! In this episode we inquire into the Art of Stillness, as well as cover a few poems I wrote which go with posts you can find on our respective Instagram and Facebook pages.

And!  I introduce a new name for the podcast: Actuali !!!  What does this mean? And how will the podcast change?  Rest assured, I will maintain the aim and direction of this podcast, which in short, is to invite you to share in this process of ongoing Self-Realization, that we may  be that change we wish to see in the world. Together, we go within to discover our inherent nature, an ever deepening sense of peace, well-being, and with this freedom, we actualize our highest potential, for the sake of all that is good in this world!

As I go into in this podcast, the term I am coining: Actuali, represents the deepest nature of ourselves.  Who is the Actual I?  What is this inherent awareness behind all thoughts, feelings, and sensations?  This that is before our self-conceptions, aware of all things that arise within our particular field of consciousness, that has no identity itself, for even the idea of our selves can be seen by this clear, primary sense of awareness.  Is this the Actual I?

Here on Actuali (previously Actualization Station) we inquire into this mystery of mysteries, to reveal, evermore, the Truth of our being, that we may engage with life most fully, with fluidity, and ease of flow.  We actualize our highest visions of life, and realize the ultimate freedom that is found in non-attachment, and wholly open Hearts capable of the deepest appreciation, and most profound passion.

Join us as we change this world from the inside-out!

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