Ep. 20 – The Truth of You

Ep. 20 of Actuali podcast – We may have an idea
of what we can do to improve ourselves;
but until we fully commit to doing so,
we cannot know what it takes
to make a lasting, positive change
within ourselves, and in the wider world.

Take back the reigns.
If you blame the world outside,
you are making excuses
that obscure the reasons why
you can still succeed.

And maybe you will fail;
maybe random circumstances will prevail,
but how will you know what’s possible
until you try?

Many people have risen
out of worse circumstances
than we can imagine.
They did not blame their lot on outside forces
and make excuses for giving up.

They took note of the challenges they faced,
and focused on solutions and ways
around the hurdles life presents us.

They persevered,
and accepted no excuses from themselves.

They committed despite their fears
despite all anxieties and depression.
They committed despite all outside circumstances.

They made a change within themselves,
and did not stop
until they had created a way forward.

This is call to rise above
the throngs of naysayers.
This is a call to hold oneself accountable,
rather than blame
the actions and ideas of others.

This is a call to actualize your full potential.

There is a gap in the world
that only you can fill.

There is a hole in the world
that awaits the truth of You.
If you don’t fill it,
no one else can,
and no one else will,
for it was made by the absence
of who you could truly be.

Only You can choose to achieve.
Only You can fulfill your highest visions,
and make your dreams reality.

So get moving!
Your sense of purpose
grants life meaning,
confirms your belonging,
which absolves the fear and trepidation
that held you back before.

Start within,
and find your own unique,
integral way to flow, for
“the World is You, and You are the World.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

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