Ep. 6 The Direct Path – A Guided Self-Inquiry Meditation

For today’s guided meditation we will practice Self-Inquiry. This technique, also known as the Direct Path, is part of the Advaita-Vedanta non-dual tradition, and was perhaps most clearly expressed by Ramana Maharshi, whose suggested the simple asking of the question, “Who am I?”

In describing Self-Inquiry, Ramana once said, “To inquire Who am I is a long liberation, to keep the mind constantly turned within
and to inquire thus, in itself is the Atma Vichara of Self-Inquiry.”

In this approach to meditation, we are keeping awareness self-directed, but with a slight tweak, we aren’t just being of the sights, sounds, sensations as they’re coming in, we are being aware of awareness itself, while inquiring into who is having this experience.

This is the practice of self-inquiry.

Music in this episode:
1st song: Maetistia Passing By, by Acrilic Colors
(licensed under CC BY 3.0)
2nd song: Empty City, by Andrew Sparrow
(licensed under CC BY 3.0)
Music provided by Kahvi.org and Scene.org

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